Feminism in Sports, a Good Joke

Before I begin my rant there are some obvious reasons why the feminist movement exists and areas of inequality in America that people can rightfully complain about. That being said the rhetoric of Breanna Stewart at the ESPY’s last night was a joke.  Demanding equal pay for women’s and men’s athletes and an even platform is laugh out loud funny because it is so ridiculous.

Breanna seems to fail to realize that the sports world is as fair and equal as it gets. Using a male athlete to male athlete comparison for arguments sake compare NBA and NHL player salaries.  Both leagues have 82 game regular seasons, exact same playoff setups etc.  Average NBA salary in 2016 will be 6.43 mil.  Average NHL salary in 2014 was 2.58 million.  Hockey players should be demanding equal pay for equal work.  Nah, they shouldn’t because they aren’t irrational fools.  They know they get paid less because they bring in less.  The average NBA regular season game on ESPN recieves 1.65 million views vs 350,000 for an NHL game on NBCSN.  As TV deals drive revenues and therefore contracts it makes sense that NBA player get paid more than double NHL players.

Now let’s compare to the WNBA.  There were only 11 televised games for the WNBA on ESPN and ESPN2 bringing in an average of 202,000 viewers.  That’s not bringing in any revenue for the league or its players. Attendance sucks with only 7318 fans on average in attendance.  So instead of focusing on your wage gap maybe you should focus on your product cause it blows.  Nobody wants to watch the WNBA so there’s no money to be had by the players. If I want to watch shitty basketball I can go walk into a middle school gym in January and 12 year olds struggle to hit 3s.

So Breanna and feminists everywhere, just stop with your nonsense.  It’s not gonna get you anywhere and quite honestly, you should feel lucky you even have a league.


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