Can a Robot Mend a Lonely Heart?



Probably, but a few scientists are thinking otherwise…

“Today’s erotic dolls are passive, making them the sex toy equivalent of the flip phone. But thanks to virtual reality and hardware that plugs into phones, the latest sex toys can redefine the meaning of “long-distance relationships” while others can take humans almost completely out of the sexual equation.

For some men, the dolls are a “transition”, she says — “a way to get comfortable with the female body and then build confidence enough to approach a real woman.'”

“[Artificial intelligence] could open the hearts of men and women,” says Justine Cassell, an AI expert and associate dean at Carnegie Mellon. “[That] might offer transitional stages between being entirely closed down and being able to feel emotion.””

Don’t know about you guys but the last thing I experience when I’m flying solo is emotion. Sock on my dick, cracked-out eyes glued to Peta Jensen’s gaping asshole, I’m definitely not in my most intimate state. And that’s mid J.O.  Forget about the aftermath – you aren’t finding any emotion in that downward spiral of self-loathing and general despair.

So if a regular old tug can make me feel like a piece of shit, I don’t even want to know what post-robot sex feels like. Gotta be depressing as fuck. Taking off the virtual reality goggles, unstrapping the latex apparatus from your body and then attempting to clean it out, only to realize you can’t because your sink is full of dishes. I’d probably off myself on the spot.

My point is, these robots aren’t going to do shit about curing intimacy problems in sex. They’re probably just making things worse.  They’ll take that rock-bottom feeling and multiply it by 1000, putting me in the absolute worst mental position to “build confidence and approach a real women”.







Probably still would though.


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