ESPN First Takes’ All Time Dumbest Take

This morning on First Take one of ESPN’s new buffoons asked two of their other buffoons if Jimmy Garoppolo could replace Tom Brady after his 4 game suspension.  I realize its July an they are really reaching for some scorching hot takes now that the show lost the (irritable) personality it once had, but the take one of their pundit’s made that in fact yes he could replace Brady was fucking retarded.  If Garoppolo wins every game by 40 points Brady still starts week 6.  You don’t just dethrone Brady after 4 good games.  People keep trying to say oh but what about Bledsoe?  But they are two completely different scenarios.  Brady is the best to ever do it for one, and while Bledsoe was good he wasn’t even close to the caliber of what Brady is.  Also Bledsoe missed way more games than Brady will so Brady could prove sustained, consistent aptitude and he led them to a better season than Bledsoe did the year before.

All in all just fuck ESPN, it pisses me of every day they have a vicegrip on sports and put 0 effort into making anything new and entertaining and just try to make a hot take now and then to get a couple Facebook comments.  I guess they got me again on this one tho…


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