Today in Equality, “NBA stars should pay WNBA Players Fines”

Another great day for the all women panel of ESPN First Take.  The topic at hand was WNBA players getting fined for wearing black in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as the Dallas Police Officers gunned down.  The players were fined $5000 dollars each for the act.

I really love that if I’m watching ESPN but want to be watching “The View” I don’t even need to reach for my clicker anymore, I can just wait for “First Take”.  ESPN is absolutely losing it, but that is not the point of this blog.

So the woman on the panel is upset that the WNBA fined these players for breaking the rules.  Yes it was for a good cause, but the rules are the rules, if you want to break the rules and pay the fine because you feel strongly about this, I commend you for it.  However when you say its not fair to be fined $5000 for the average $72000 salary thats where you lose me.

You knew the consequences and you broke the rules anyways.  Women will have to deal with consequences of their actions on the way to equality.  For example DeAngelo Williams pays fines every October for wearing pink in support of breast cancer awareness.  He pays the fines he’s not looking for a breast cancer foundation to pick up the tab for him.  He knows the consequences of his actions and deals with them.

But the women of First Take want NBA players to show solidarity with the WNBA by paying their fines because they can’t afford them.  That’s fine, just don’t ask for your higher wages while you ask for men to keep buying you out of the consequences of your actions.  We have enough of your shit to pay for already.


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