Republican National Convention Actually Goes Fine


Trump came on for his acceptance speech as the GOP presidential nominee tonight. If you were expecting the spectacle of the summer, you didn’t get it. Here’s why: Trump is actually now the GOP nominee, meaning he has a shot to win the fucking thing. Is he going to win it being a ridiculous clown? No, he needs to appeal to the masses now, so he toned it down while still giving vague call-outs to his more extreme supporters (ie. saying we don’t need to be PC and we have too many immigrants etc.).

However, there were 3 notable things that stuck out in my mind:

  1. U.S.A. Chant – Trump came out with this. Perfect move. If you don’t join in, you are probably getting shot at the Republican National Convention where people can carry guns no problem. Adamant fans or not, people are going to join in and make his walk-out huge.
  2. Feeling the Bern: Trump mentions that Hilary is a puppet of Wall Street, and says that Bernie never had a chance to win, because he wasn’t controlled by corporate money. He says that Bernie supporters are going to join his campaign because of this because they understand the corruption in politics. Again, perfect move. Tell the people what is going to happen, don’t give them a chance. Make Democrats can you Mr. Steal-your-voters.
  3. And finally, he takes a pause to say how happy he is to hear that people are supporting LGBTQ protection at a Republican event. Again just fishing for that lonesome left-wing vote vote.

The guy knows what he is doing folks. This blog does not take any stance on the race, so don’t take anything I say as biased. Just giving my takes on the rhetoric, not the candidate.

Does this make you hate Trump or Hilary even more? See Brooks’ blog about what you’re alternative choices are this November. Link to that here.



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