Today in Equality, “NBA stars should pay WNBA Players Fines”

Another great day for the all women panel of ESPN First Take.  The topic at hand was WNBA players getting fined for wearing black in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as the Dallas Police Officers gunned down.  The players were fined $5000 dollars each for the act.

I really love that if I’m watching ESPN but want to be watching “The View” I don’t even need to reach for my clicker anymore, I can just wait for “First Take”.  ESPN is absolutely losing it, but that is not the point of this blog.

So the woman on the panel is upset that the WNBA fined these players for breaking the rules.  Yes it was for a good cause, but the rules are the rules, if you want to break the rules and pay the fine because you feel strongly about this, I commend you for it.  However when you say its not fair to be fined $5000 for the average $72000 salary thats where you lose me.

You knew the consequences and you broke the rules anyways.  Women will have to deal with consequences of their actions on the way to equality.  For example DeAngelo Williams pays fines every October for wearing pink in support of breast cancer awareness.  He pays the fines he’s not looking for a breast cancer foundation to pick up the tab for him.  He knows the consequences of his actions and deals with them.

But the women of First Take want NBA players to show solidarity with the WNBA by paying their fines because they can’t afford them.  That’s fine, just don’t ask for your higher wages while you ask for men to keep buying you out of the consequences of your actions.  We have enough of your shit to pay for already.


The Definitive Top 10 Laziest Blog/Article/Segment Formats

Facebook is littered wit all of these.  The click bait articles that basic bitches and small minded people cant resist to click, read and share with the “OMG, this is so us @Becky” caption.  So I’m breaking down all the classic click bait low brow article styles.

10) The Top 10

Just so unoriginal, boring and repetitive.  Any idiot can make a top 10 about anything.

9) The Mt. Rushmore

Essentially the exact same as the top ten, only you couldn’t think of 10 items to put in your list, so you thought you were clever to cap the list at 4 and compare your list to a rock in North Dakota.

8) The Not Top 10 or 10 Worst ____

The red headed step brother to the top 10.  Equally unoriginal, but hey cookie cutter segments get eyeballs so why the fuck not?

7) The “You won’t Believe what Happened Next” Blog

Just couldn’t come up with a creative title so you have to get everyone’s hopes up that something unique and crazy is about to happen next. “Lion Tamer plays with Lions, but you won’t Believe what Happens Next…”  Yeah I can, the ass hole gets mauled or the lion gets shot.

6) (Some random number) Ways to do ______

People really trying to reinvent the wheel with a list of 7 ways to get a satin out of your shirt with everyday items around the house.  These ones actually at least have potential but they always just leave you unsatisfied like a trip to the local Quiznos.

5) The “70% of people failed this Quiz”

Yeah those are just lies.  Those quizzes also suck a little extra by making you click next 3 times for each question of a 10 question quiz.  You aren’t fooling me magiquiz fuck off.

4) Anything Comparing People or Routine Events to a Cartoon

“28 Times Spongebob Squarespants Perfectly Summed up Your Morning Struggle Getting out of the Shower.”  I just fucking hate these, they’re so fucking dumb it drives me insane.

3) The “Which Character are You Quiz”

Are 12 multiple choice questions are gonna really determine that I am more like a pikachu than any other pokemon?  Well I guess I’m a pikachu then.

2) The “This ______ is my Spirit Animal”

Hey Tiffany just cause your a lazy slob who can’t stop sharing shit on Facebook between spoonfuls of Ben and Jerry’s, doesn’t mean your a sleeping puppy.

1) The Top 10

Just so unoriginal, boring and repetitive.  Any idiot can make a top 10 about anything.



Fuck You Buzzfeed


ESPN First Takes’ All Time Dumbest Take

This morning on First Take one of ESPN’s new buffoons asked two of their other buffoons if Jimmy Garoppolo could replace Tom Brady after his 4 game suspension.  I realize its July an they are really reaching for some scorching hot takes now that the show lost the (irritable) personality it once had, but the take one of their pundit’s made that in fact yes he could replace Brady was fucking retarded.  If Garoppolo wins every game by 40 points Brady still starts week 6.  You don’t just dethrone Brady after 4 good games.  People keep trying to say oh but what about Bledsoe?  But they are two completely different scenarios.  Brady is the best to ever do it for one, and while Bledsoe was good he wasn’t even close to the caliber of what Brady is.  Also Bledsoe missed way more games than Brady will so Brady could prove sustained, consistent aptitude and he led them to a better season than Bledsoe did the year before.

All in all just fuck ESPN, it pisses me of every day they have a vicegrip on sports and put 0 effort into making anything new and entertaining and just try to make a hot take now and then to get a couple Facebook comments.  I guess they got me again on this one tho…

Game Theory for Dummies

Game Theory is a well known economic theory that won a noble prize in economics. However, on the surface is very simple and easy to understand so I’m going to explain it in a way any red blooded American man can understand.

Assume you and a buddy walk into a bar.  At said bar, there are three girls; one babe

and two less attractive, but still hot enough girls:

In this scenario you and you buddy both try to bang the babe (Emily Ratajkowski).  One of you may get lucky (very lucky) and bang Emily while the other gets nothing because he pissed off the two less attractive friends not giving them any attention.  Or you could cock block each other and both get nothing.

However, if you both agree to not go after Emily and go after girls 2 and 3, you just may both get laid.

Voila, Game Theory.  Two seperate parties working in cahoots to not necessarily serve themselves in the best possible way, but to ensure both parties get a desired outcome.

Feminism in Sports, a Good Joke

Before I begin my rant there are some obvious reasons why the feminist movement exists and areas of inequality in America that people can rightfully complain about. That being said the rhetoric of Breanna Stewart at the ESPY’s last night was a joke.  Demanding equal pay for women’s and men’s athletes and an even platform is laugh out loud funny because it is so ridiculous.

Breanna seems to fail to realize that the sports world is as fair and equal as it gets. Using a male athlete to male athlete comparison for arguments sake compare NBA and NHL player salaries.  Both leagues have 82 game regular seasons, exact same playoff setups etc.  Average NBA salary in 2016 will be 6.43 mil.  Average NHL salary in 2014 was 2.58 million.  Hockey players should be demanding equal pay for equal work.  Nah, they shouldn’t because they aren’t irrational fools.  They know they get paid less because they bring in less.  The average NBA regular season game on ESPN recieves 1.65 million views vs 350,000 for an NHL game on NBCSN.  As TV deals drive revenues and therefore contracts it makes sense that NBA player get paid more than double NHL players.

Now let’s compare to the WNBA.  There were only 11 televised games for the WNBA on ESPN and ESPN2 bringing in an average of 202,000 viewers.  That’s not bringing in any revenue for the league or its players. Attendance sucks with only 7318 fans on average in attendance.  So instead of focusing on your wage gap maybe you should focus on your product cause it blows.  Nobody wants to watch the WNBA so there’s no money to be had by the players. If I want to watch shitty basketball I can go walk into a middle school gym in January and 12 year olds struggle to hit 3s.

So Breanna and feminists everywhere, just stop with your nonsense.  It’s not gonna get you anywhere and quite honestly, you should feel lucky you even have a league.

The Financial Environment 3 weeks Post-Brexit

Its been 3 weeks since one of the biggest news events to hit the financial world since 2008 and the financial world seems to be in a peculiar position.  Immediately following Britain’s referendum to leave the UK world markets plunged across the board.  After the initial crash investors swooped in to take advantage of new found value in the market, and the market climbed to all time highs with the S&P 500 up to 2156.45.

However, a less publicized consequence to Brexit has been the effect on debt markets.  After Brexit 10 year yields in government bonds, most notedly German, have been decreasing.  This has put pressure on US bonds which now have its record low 10 year yield.  This has created a huge divergence between stocks and bond yields with the stock market at an all time high, and the yield curve at an all time low.  As indicated by the chart below (Forbes).

aaa 10 v spx chart

So what exactly does this mean, and why is it happening?

While related and often predictive of each other, the stock and bond market do not necessarily rely on each other.  The stock market has increased in past weeks mainly due to how the world economy and US economy dealt with the short term Brexit panic insuring investor confidence. Confident investors=rising market.  Bond yields are at all time lows as global panic pushed investors into what is considered the safest investment, US Treasury bonds.  The increased demand in the bonds drives the yield down so it creates this simultaneous high stock market and low bond yield.

This has potential to be a good scenario for investors.  If the ECB (European Central Bank) assures that it will sustain the bond market in Europe by buying European Bonds, this should affect the US by raising the yields here on bonds and further pushing the stock market forward as a result.

American League Second Half Predictions

The All Star Break has come and gone and the second half of the season begins tonight so its time to make my obligatory predictions for the second half of the season.

AL East

The AL East has been the most competitive division in baseball through the first half with Baltimore, Boston, and Toronto only sepperated by 2 games and the Yankees lingering at .500 just a minor miracle away from playoff baseball.  This is the toughest division to predict by far as not only are the teams close in record, but all will likely be active at the trade deadline to land the piece that can get them over the hump.  Most likely the team that wins this division will be the team that wins the trade deadline, but for now my prediction to win is Toronto.  Of the three teams the only Toronto has an above average pitching staff, ranked 7th in the majors in ERA (3.76).  All three teams can absolutely mash, so the pitching down the stretch will be the difference maker.  I think their biggest contender will be the Red Sox, and if they can land a quality-top of the rotation arm will be my pick to win the division.

Prediction: Blue Jays

AL Central

In the central I like the Indians.  Although I’m apprehensive to expect any sort of success from two Cleveland teams in the same year, a 6.5 game lead with the best pitching staff in the ERA is tough to pick against.  The Royals will probably make a run at it in their normal miracle team fashion, but the Indians will hold on.

Prediction: Indians

AL West

The Rangers have established a solid 5.5 game lead in the West backed mostly by their 20-8 June and their sixth ranked offense in the majors.  I expect Houston to surpass them in the second half of the year.  Texas sputtered into the break and doesn’t have the balance that Houston does to make a push down the stretch.  Bonus prediction: at least one more right hook by Rougned Odor.

Prediction: Astros

Wild Card

Regardless of who wins the AL East I like the other two of the Orioles, Red Sox, Blue Jays to win the two wild card spots.  They are all staked on offense and will all probably be strengthening their rotations and bullpens giving them the edge they need to make the playoffs.


AL Rookie of the Year: Michael Fulmer, SP Detroit Tigers

A rare win for the city of Detroit.  Fulmer is having a great year second among rookies in innings pitched and sporting a 2.11 ERA through 12 starts.  The most likely contender is Nomar Mazara the RF from the Rangers.  He’s batting .282 with 11 HR at the break.

AL Cy Young Award: Danny Salazar, SP Cleveland Indians

Another win for Believeland!  Danny Salazar is putting together an awesome season for the Indians, 2nd in ERA, 6th in strikeouts and 5th in wins despite starting 17 games opposed to the 19 of most other top starters.

AL MVP: David Ortiz, DH, Boston Red Sox

Probably biased as a Sox fan in one of my all time favorite player last season, but Ortiz has been unreal this year. Ortiz ranks first in the AL in OPS, Slugging Percentage, OBP, and Doubles.  Is second in AVG, and RBI, and is 6th in HR.  Despite being a DH and a DH never winning the award before, I think Papi gets a little love from the BBWA with a lifetime achievement bonus for how tremendous his last season has been.

I will be posting World Series predictions and NL Predictions sometime tonight or tomorrow.




TV Shows You Should Catch Up On

In the age of Netflix and HBO GO, binge watching shows has become a significant part of the millennial’s TV experience.  As great as it is to do nothing on a lazy Sunday and just crush a couple hours of Breaking Bad, the week to week suspense and cultural phenomenon of watching a show live can provide has been lost (think Game of Thrones). So in hopes to give people some good shows that aren’t too far out the gate to catch up on I have put together some basic reviews of a couple shows you aren’t yet too far behind on.


Billions aired its first season earlier in 2016 on Showtime..  The show follows a Hedge Fund giant, Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis), and a District Attorney Prosecutor, Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti), at ends with each other.  The show develops into a giant dick measuring contest between two alpha males completely unwilling to back down to the other, as Rhodes tries to put together an insider trading case against Axelrod.  The show fits into the vogue drama where you cant help but root for the antihero as he pushes the limits of right and wrong.  The show has a lot of memorable lines, “What’s the point of having fuck you money if you never say fuck you” and is an easy watch for 12, 1 hour episodes.



Bloodline is a Netflix original and probably the second best they’ve made behind House of Cards.  It stars Coach Taylor/Kyle Chandler as the middle brother of a pretty fucked up family living in the Florida Keys.  The show is 2 seasons in now and its as tense as shows get these days.  The show plays around with an interesting timeline by showing you a major future event then going back and showing how it came to be.  The characters all come off as kind of sleazy while thinking their shit smells like roses so its pretty interesting show in that your not exactly rooting for anything good to happen to anybody.  I am yet to see season 2, but season 1 was great tv and only 13 episodes so its very easy to get through.  I will update about season 2 and whether or not that is worth watching.


Mr. Robot

Truth be told I’m only 2 episodes into Mr. Robot but i’m hooked and will be watching more as soon as I hit post.  The season 2 premier just aired on USA and is set to be one of the best shows of the summer (honestly probably the only good show of the summer).  From what I can gather through 2 episodes its about a secret society of hackers that have aims to overthrow the capitalist society we live in.  The main character is a genius hacker, schizophrenic, and morphine addict so I presume he’ll be getting into some presumptuous situations.  I’ll follow up more in a week or so once I’ve watched more but it has me excited.  The 9 episodes from season 1 can be found on Amazon Prime or a variety of sketchy websites you can find through a simple google search.