TV Shows You Should Catch Up On

In the age of Netflix and HBO GO, binge watching shows has become a significant part of the millennial’s TV experience.  As great as it is to do nothing on a lazy Sunday and just crush a couple hours of Breaking Bad, the week to week suspense and cultural phenomenon of watching a show live can provide has been lost (think Game of Thrones). So in hopes to give people some good shows that aren’t too far out the gate to catch up on I have put together some basic reviews of a couple shows you aren’t yet too far behind on.


Billions aired its first season earlier in 2016 on Showtime..  The show follows a Hedge Fund giant, Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis), and a District Attorney Prosecutor, Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti), at ends with each other.  The show develops into a giant dick measuring contest between two alpha males completely unwilling to back down to the other, as Rhodes tries to put together an insider trading case against Axelrod.  The show fits into the vogue drama where you cant help but root for the antihero as he pushes the limits of right and wrong.  The show has a lot of memorable lines, “What’s the point of having fuck you money if you never say fuck you” and is an easy watch for 12, 1 hour episodes.



Bloodline is a Netflix original and probably the second best they’ve made behind House of Cards.  It stars Coach Taylor/Kyle Chandler as the middle brother of a pretty fucked up family living in the Florida Keys.  The show is 2 seasons in now and its as tense as shows get these days.  The show plays around with an interesting timeline by showing you a major future event then going back and showing how it came to be.  The characters all come off as kind of sleazy while thinking their shit smells like roses so its pretty interesting show in that your not exactly rooting for anything good to happen to anybody.  I am yet to see season 2, but season 1 was great tv and only 13 episodes so its very easy to get through.  I will update about season 2 and whether or not that is worth watching.


Mr. Robot

Truth be told I’m only 2 episodes into Mr. Robot but i’m hooked and will be watching more as soon as I hit post.  The season 2 premier just aired on USA and is set to be one of the best shows of the summer (honestly probably the only good show of the summer).  From what I can gather through 2 episodes its about a secret society of hackers that have aims to overthrow the capitalist society we live in.  The main character is a genius hacker, schizophrenic, and morphine addict so I presume he’ll be getting into some presumptuous situations.  I’ll follow up more in a week or so once I’ve watched more but it has me excited.  The 9 episodes from season 1 can be found on Amazon Prime or a variety of sketchy websites you can find through a simple google search.