Star Player Forced into Early Retirement after Dangerous TNF Hit

That headline right there is what people on the internet like to call a classic example of clickbait…gotcha

So no, a star player did not sustain a career ending hit during last weeks Thursday night football game; but is that what it’s going to take to get rid of these disgraceful games? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, If commissioner Goodell or the NFL had one ounce of respect for their players, they would have removed Thursday night games from the schedule a long time ago.

If you’ve tuned in to any number of Thursday Night Football games this season you already know that the product on the field stinks and the overall entertainment value of the games are at an all time low. So why has Rodger Goodell kept the games around? The answer is simple. Money. More games equals more revenue coming in for the owners and the league, and as long as the league and it’s owners are making money, they will continue to sign his 34 Million dollar/year pay check despite the consequences.

Listen, I’m all for pushing the envelope and trying to make as much as you can for as long as you can, but what I cannot understand is how the NFL and commissioner Goodell can be this hypocritical. They claim to have the players best interest in mind, in addition to making statement after statement on ways they are trying to improve safety in the league. However, this has turned out to be complete nonsense, as the number of concussions in the league rises every year, and the average career of an NFL player is at a mere 3.5 years… an all time low.

In fact, this issue has gotten so bad, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, a highly respected player in the league and aspiring future leader of the NFLPA had these comments after last weeks game. “No one, other than the people who run the NFL and TV networks for fun and profit, seems to like the Thursday night games that much.” Sherman goes on to say, “It’s just an absolute poopfest. It’s terrible. We played Sunday, got home about 1 o’clock in the morning on Monday, and then you’ve got to play again. Congratulations NFL, you did it again. But they have been doing it all season, so I guess we are the last ones to get the middle finger.’’

Clearly Sherman is not alone when it comes to his beef with the league and the Thursday night games, and clearly big things will need to happen in order to bring justice to the NFL and commissioner Goodell. However, it all starts with you, the paying fans of the NFL. If you love watching your team every Sunday, and want to continue watching those same players in the upcoming years, at this current rate due to the Thursday games, commissioner Goodell and the NFL are jeopardizing that for you. If you truly care about your team and the well being of the players, I strongly urge you to boycott the Thursday Night games. Just don’t watch; because at the end of the day all the NFL sees is dollar signs, and until those signs start to diminish, no significant changes will be made.


Today in Equality, “NBA stars should pay WNBA Players Fines”

Another great day for the all women panel of ESPN First Take.  The topic at hand was WNBA players getting fined for wearing black in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as the Dallas Police Officers gunned down.  The players were fined $5000 dollars each for the act.

I really love that if I’m watching ESPN but want to be watching “The View” I don’t even need to reach for my clicker anymore, I can just wait for “First Take”.  ESPN is absolutely losing it, but that is not the point of this blog.

So the woman on the panel is upset that the WNBA fined these players for breaking the rules.  Yes it was for a good cause, but the rules are the rules, if you want to break the rules and pay the fine because you feel strongly about this, I commend you for it.  However when you say its not fair to be fined $5000 for the average $72000 salary thats where you lose me.

You knew the consequences and you broke the rules anyways.  Women will have to deal with consequences of their actions on the way to equality.  For example DeAngelo Williams pays fines every October for wearing pink in support of breast cancer awareness.  He pays the fines he’s not looking for a breast cancer foundation to pick up the tab for him.  He knows the consequences of his actions and deals with them.

But the women of First Take want NBA players to show solidarity with the WNBA by paying their fines because they can’t afford them.  That’s fine, just don’t ask for your higher wages while you ask for men to keep buying you out of the consequences of your actions.  We have enough of your shit to pay for already.

Is RG3 a top QB?

So this morning I sat down to eat some breakfast and watch some T.V. and the first thing I see is this list: Made by former Redskins wideout Santana Moss ranking the top QB’s he played with during his 10 seasons with the skins.

1. Mark Brunell

2. Donovan McNabb

3. Rex Grossman

4. Jason Campbell

5. Robert Griffin III

Wow. Tough day to be RG3. You know he hears all this noise too, and because he was never beat up in school he doesn’t know how to handle any adversity. Keep an eye out on Instagram or twitter for his well thought out and genuine response. Seriously though, I think this is the first time Rex Grossman and Jason Campbell have ever been on a QB list for something positive. However to be fair, RG3 should have been at least 3rd here, seeing Grossman threw 23 TD’s & 24 INT’s while going 4-13 in his two seasons and Campbell not doing much better in his four. Is this really what we need to be talking about though? Just another slow day for ESPN and First Take right pudge19?

Anyways… this got me thinking about the upcoming NFL season and all the potentially awful exciting new quarterbacks trying to establish winning for their respective teams. Most notable would include RG3 (Browns) trying to prove he can still play and isn’t made of glass, Brock Osweiler (Texans) who keep in mind only has Six career starts,  Mark Sanchez (Broncos) who is a joke but should be able to win some games with that All-Time defense behind him, and then Sam Bradford and Carson Wentz (Eagles) who will probably each get their chance to play and Im predicting will be very underwhelming. But since we’re still about a week away from the official start of training camp Im going to start out with my top 10.

#1 Tom Brady


#2 Aaron Rodgers


#3 Andrew Luck


#4 Cam Newton


#5 Ben Roethlisberger


#6 Russell Wilson

#7 Drew Brees

#8 Philip Rivers

#9 Carson Palmer

#10 Andy Dalton



Side-note: How crazy is it that this bum could be making millions of dollars a year for simply giving a fuck and being a below average quarterback in the NFL. Figure it out Johnny.


Russia Gives No Fucks: One More Reason Why We All Know This Statement To Be True


Yesterday, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) released a report by Dr. Richard McLaren who investigated claims made by Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of Russia’s National Anti-Doping Laboratory, that he doped many athletes at the Sochi games in 2014. Rodchenkov allegedly said that this was part of an elaborate scheme by the Russian government to use their host status to avoid drug testing during the games.

Now, the International Olympic Committee is deciding if they should ban all Russian athletes planning to participate in the Rio olympics this summer. The IOC is already banning the Russian sports minister who said there were “no state doping schemes in Russia”.

Jeezus Russia. Cheating and then blatantly lying about it. Every Russian source you hear makes it sound like the world is framing them. No, we just know that it’s a little too convenient that you won the medal count when you hosted the whole event.

Then Putin comes out and says that this was a political decision that was driven by the United States. But then he said Russia would ban those in the report and then complete their own investigation. Of-fucking-course. He knows that McLaren’s report only scratched the surface, so he’ll cut his losses and then do his own “investigation” (probably cutting out the tongue of the guy that squealed). Putin is the classic villain you can’t exactly root for, but you respect his balls. This is just what he does. Throwback to when he strolled into a Russian youth camp and tried to bend a frying pan in half after scaling a rock-climbing wall in khakis to show that he was still fit to be the Prime Minister in 2012. It doesn’t even matter if he bent the pan, the guy looks like a boss for trying. Power moves only.

ESPN First Takes’ All Time Dumbest Take

This morning on First Take one of ESPN’s new buffoons asked two of their other buffoons if Jimmy Garoppolo could replace Tom Brady after his 4 game suspension.  I realize its July an they are really reaching for some scorching hot takes now that the show lost the (irritable) personality it once had, but the take one of their pundit’s made that in fact yes he could replace Brady was fucking retarded.  If Garoppolo wins every game by 40 points Brady still starts week 6.  You don’t just dethrone Brady after 4 good games.  People keep trying to say oh but what about Bledsoe?  But they are two completely different scenarios.  Brady is the best to ever do it for one, and while Bledsoe was good he wasn’t even close to the caliber of what Brady is.  Also Bledsoe missed way more games than Brady will so Brady could prove sustained, consistent aptitude and he led them to a better season than Bledsoe did the year before.

All in all just fuck ESPN, it pisses me of every day they have a vicegrip on sports and put 0 effort into making anything new and entertaining and just try to make a hot take now and then to get a couple Facebook comments.  I guess they got me again on this one tho…

NFL Putting Data Chips In Balls, Great But Suspicious Move


On Sunday, a league source disclosed that the NFL will be putting data chips in footballs for preseason and Thursday-night games. This could impact field goal attempts and officiating as early as 2017. The chips could be used to determine when players get first downs and touchdowns, without relying on the chains. Also, if kickers aren’t even coming close to the uprights, the NFL could consider making field goals and extra points more difficult by narrowing the target.

Clearly the NFL is trending towards making kickers’ lives more difficult, after moving extra points back last year. Personally, I think this is a great call. Games can still be high-scoring, but now we bring a little more respect to the kicking position and let the clutch players thrive when they have to squeak the ball through some narrow uprights. If this was soccer, I’d say make the goals bigger, to increase the conversion rate on shots. But in the NFL, kickers are already converting over 80% of field goals, so we could use some more difficulty.

The one thing that concerns me is that this is coming in the wake of Brady’s reinstated suspension. Is a “data chip” really a pressure sensor that is going to fuck Tom if the ball so much as fluctuates by 0.001 psi? Or are we about to see games sabotaged with this kind of technology:

Will Pokemon Go Save The Rio Olympics?


On August 5th, we’ll see over 200 nations hoist their flags in Rio de Janiero to signify the beginning of the 27th Summer Olympics since the Modern Olympics began in 1896. As in years past, the city is shrouded with controversy, but this year Rio may make people wish they were back in London like in 2012 (even if the Brits aren’t feeling the European love anymore).

A few reasons why people are sketched out by the 2nd largest city in the 5th largest country in the world:

  • Zika Virus: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a public health warning for the mosquito-bourne virus sweeping the America’s that can cause paralysis and birth defects and has no cure
  • Dirty Water: last year’s aquatic test events in Rio saw many athletes fall ill from sewage-polluted water. Officials said they would clean it up in time, but the jury is still out on whether they really did this…
  • They Killed a Jaguar: the organizing committee had the brilliant idea of leading around a chained Jaguar with the Olympic torch last month. This is a baller move, but it was not a good look when they shot the creature because it got too close to a soldier
  • Last month a shooter shot up a highway leading into the city.

Who’s said “for those reasons, I’m out” to Rio?

  • Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Jason Day
  • Also Vijay Singh said “I would like to play the Olympics, but the Zika virus, you know…” (article here)
  • Dominic Thiem (Austrian tennis player and number 15 in the world) is opting out for a small time tournament in Mexico
  • Adam Scott also said he’s got a busy schedule

So mostly the top golfers in the world don’t want to be a part of the sport’s debut in the Olympics. The saving grace? Pokemon Go. The mayor of Rio asked (via Facebook post) for the game to come to his city. So far the new fad has only made it to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the UK, and the US. Rio is mapped for the game, but so is the rest of the world in preparation for future events. Sounds like a last attempt by the mayor to get people to actually show up. Because the only thing that people like more than not getting Zika is walking around like mindless automatons. It might draw people in, but I’ve gotta urge mayor Eduardo Paes to stop the madness considering that people are already being led to questionable areas. The world isn’t ready to bring the slums of Rio into play.

Feminism in Sports, a Good Joke

Before I begin my rant there are some obvious reasons why the feminist movement exists and areas of inequality in America that people can rightfully complain about. That being said the rhetoric of Breanna Stewart at the ESPY’s last night was a joke.  Demanding equal pay for women’s and men’s athletes and an even platform is laugh out loud funny because it is so ridiculous.

Breanna seems to fail to realize that the sports world is as fair and equal as it gets. Using a male athlete to male athlete comparison for arguments sake compare NBA and NHL player salaries.  Both leagues have 82 game regular seasons, exact same playoff setups etc.  Average NBA salary in 2016 will be 6.43 mil.  Average NHL salary in 2014 was 2.58 million.  Hockey players should be demanding equal pay for equal work.  Nah, they shouldn’t because they aren’t irrational fools.  They know they get paid less because they bring in less.  The average NBA regular season game on ESPN recieves 1.65 million views vs 350,000 for an NHL game on NBCSN.  As TV deals drive revenues and therefore contracts it makes sense that NBA player get paid more than double NHL players.

Now let’s compare to the WNBA.  There were only 11 televised games for the WNBA on ESPN and ESPN2 bringing in an average of 202,000 viewers.  That’s not bringing in any revenue for the league or its players. Attendance sucks with only 7318 fans on average in attendance.  So instead of focusing on your wage gap maybe you should focus on your product cause it blows.  Nobody wants to watch the WNBA so there’s no money to be had by the players. If I want to watch shitty basketball I can go walk into a middle school gym in January and 12 year olds struggle to hit 3s.

So Breanna and feminists everywhere, just stop with your nonsense.  It’s not gonna get you anywhere and quite honestly, you should feel lucky you even have a league.

American League Second Half Predictions

The All Star Break has come and gone and the second half of the season begins tonight so its time to make my obligatory predictions for the second half of the season.

AL East

The AL East has been the most competitive division in baseball through the first half with Baltimore, Boston, and Toronto only sepperated by 2 games and the Yankees lingering at .500 just a minor miracle away from playoff baseball.  This is the toughest division to predict by far as not only are the teams close in record, but all will likely be active at the trade deadline to land the piece that can get them over the hump.  Most likely the team that wins this division will be the team that wins the trade deadline, but for now my prediction to win is Toronto.  Of the three teams the only Toronto has an above average pitching staff, ranked 7th in the majors in ERA (3.76).  All three teams can absolutely mash, so the pitching down the stretch will be the difference maker.  I think their biggest contender will be the Red Sox, and if they can land a quality-top of the rotation arm will be my pick to win the division.

Prediction: Blue Jays

AL Central

In the central I like the Indians.  Although I’m apprehensive to expect any sort of success from two Cleveland teams in the same year, a 6.5 game lead with the best pitching staff in the ERA is tough to pick against.  The Royals will probably make a run at it in their normal miracle team fashion, but the Indians will hold on.

Prediction: Indians

AL West

The Rangers have established a solid 5.5 game lead in the West backed mostly by their 20-8 June and their sixth ranked offense in the majors.  I expect Houston to surpass them in the second half of the year.  Texas sputtered into the break and doesn’t have the balance that Houston does to make a push down the stretch.  Bonus prediction: at least one more right hook by Rougned Odor.

Prediction: Astros

Wild Card

Regardless of who wins the AL East I like the other two of the Orioles, Red Sox, Blue Jays to win the two wild card spots.  They are all staked on offense and will all probably be strengthening their rotations and bullpens giving them the edge they need to make the playoffs.


AL Rookie of the Year: Michael Fulmer, SP Detroit Tigers

A rare win for the city of Detroit.  Fulmer is having a great year second among rookies in innings pitched and sporting a 2.11 ERA through 12 starts.  The most likely contender is Nomar Mazara the RF from the Rangers.  He’s batting .282 with 11 HR at the break.

AL Cy Young Award: Danny Salazar, SP Cleveland Indians

Another win for Believeland!  Danny Salazar is putting together an awesome season for the Indians, 2nd in ERA, 6th in strikeouts and 5th in wins despite starting 17 games opposed to the 19 of most other top starters.

AL MVP: David Ortiz, DH, Boston Red Sox

Probably biased as a Sox fan in one of my all time favorite player last season, but Ortiz has been unreal this year. Ortiz ranks first in the AL in OPS, Slugging Percentage, OBP, and Doubles.  Is second in AVG, and RBI, and is 6th in HR.  Despite being a DH and a DH never winning the award before, I think Papi gets a little love from the BBWA with a lifetime achievement bonus for how tremendous his last season has been.

I will be posting World Series predictions and NL Predictions sometime tonight or tomorrow.